DaVex Consulting

Established in 1999, DaVex Consulting works with clients to help them understand, impement and maintain their computer hardware and software needs.

Website Consulting

DaVex is a diverse and experienced team of professionals dedicated to planning and executing online business strategies. We unlock the power of the Internet to help you meet your core business goals. We leverage our experience with cutting-edge Internet and Intranet technologies and innovative marketing principles to deliver custom-tailored solutions for a broad range of industries. At DaVex we work on our clients behalf to coordinate and implement the myriad of niche products in the market like e-commerce, multimedia and database integration applications, online marketing and audience development.

Our mission is to form long term relationships with our clients and to assist them in negotiating through the every changing Internet environment.


Website Design

A good website can be an integral part of any company. Whether you want to sell a product, promote a political idea or support a club, association, or hobby here are several reasons why it's smart to have a presence on the Internet.

  • To advertise globally
  • Develop new customers
  • Improve service to existing customers
  • Expand your target market
  • Update product information instantly
  • Improve communication within your company
  • Decrease the costs of communication and advertising
  • Increase your public visibility
  • Your competition is already there

Website Hosting

From simple email service to full integration with your ecommerce DaVex will host your site using your domain name on state of the art servers.

We provide spam filtering on all email accounts and traffic monitoring for all internet services.


At DaVex we have a strong focus on database design and integration. Using both online and offline systems we can create databases and frontends to manage your business content.
Using our expertise we can help you compile your existing data into a useable archive thus allowing you to manage, update and analyze your information. Using a web frontend we assist you in getting your information out to a wider audience.


Cemetery Manager Pro is a custom cemetery management system designed to manage lots, spaces and burials for cemeteries large and small. If you'd like a personalized demonstration of our system please contact us.

Contact Us

Phone: 860 - 485 - 0322
Email: Info@DaVex.com